Does your child or someone you know have a knack for science and math? Are they fascinated with how things work?  Do they continually ask the question why?  Do they love puzzles and problem solving? Are they self-motivated? Do they love reading and discovery?  Parents and guardians should not ignore these signs but embrace this curiosity and prepare them early by placing them in elementary, junior high and high schools that tailor them for fascinating careers in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

With a bachelors in mechanical engineering, a master of science degree in manufacturing systems engineering, another master of science in electrical engineering and a PhD degree in chemical engineering, Dr. Odell Lendor Glenn Jr. has the tools it takes to be successful in a highly completive and challenging STEM field. His soon to be released book entitled, “S.T.E.M: A solid foundation” is written from his perspective as both an experienced engineer and educator. The book is primarily suited for the next generation of techies. Glenn informs the public on career pathways that can ultimately prove to be lucrative careers.

science6Public health, statisticians, engineers, mathematicians, nurses, veterinarians, technologists,  health practitioners, actuaries, software developers,  medical doctors,  biologists, exercise scientists, chemists, computer scientists, social scientists and so many other S.T.E.M fields are and continue to be in high demand.  Dr. Glenn gives an overview on how to prepare for these careers before first year college.  A strong, solid technical background could even spin-off into other careers such as patent law and business managers.

With 4 engineering degrees in very different fields along with industrial experience and academia research and teaching, I offer you a first-hand approach to a life-long career. I also provide suggestions on how to seamlessly transition from one career to another. A strong solid background as an undergraduate student in college is crucial.  Preparation early on is essential in addition to networking, reading and writing.

Dr. Odell Glenn Jr. grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended public schools in the city. He then went on and graduated from “The State University of New York at Stony Brook” in Long Island, New York with a bachelors in mechanical engineering. He then went onto “New Jersey Institute of Technology” and came out with a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering.  He then worked for several years at various companies throughout New England as a professional engineer. Later he decided to teach engineering at a community college before obtaining another master’s degree in electrical engineering. After teaching several years, he then went on to complete his PhD degree in chemical engineering at “The University of South Carolina” in Columbia, South Carolina.  His dissertation topic entitled “Fundamental Aspects of a Novel Technology for the abatement of Allergenic Proteins” involved a technology involving air, carbon dioxide, dry ice and essential oils to deactivate allergenic proteins typically found on carpets and mattresses in indoor home environments.

science2Dr. Odell Glenn Jr. is also a certified SAT, ACT, GRE and MCAT instructor. He believes that prepared skill sets will set one up for a successful career in any STEM field.

Dr. Odell Glenn is available to come out and talk about his book just as much as he is open to coming out to schools, colleges, universities, testing centers, non-profit organizations, churches and graduation ceremonies to promote STEM.

Contact him at 3tierfoundation@gmail.com